Integrating a payment portal onto any website

I’ve sort of shyed away from ecommerce, mainly because I haven’t yet found a application I really like and because I’m completely pants at programming.

But a solution has risen like a phoenix from the ashes and I am saved (hallelujah). Secure online payments integrated into any website for the measly sum of £30.00 per year.

Want to know what it is? I’ll bet you do.

The system is called shopintegrator. It got to be the simplest and most straightforward way of adding a configurable payment gateway to a website that I’ve ever seen.

It works like this:

Login to set up a new account (duh!)

Add your products

Add shop integrator to your website

That’s it.

Once the code is safely added to the site (one line of javascript) you can add the payment portal. It works through paypal but you would never notice this as it’s all integrated into your site.

I’ve not played with all the options but you can change the way the information is displayed, add your own buttons, set up special offers and promo codes and all the normal things you can do with a website.

What about my visitors?

Well they see your products or services exactly as normal but now there is the ‘add to basket’ button. They click on the link and an alert pops up telling them what they have done. All they now need to do is click on the checkout button and a make a payment.

As you can tell I think this is great little Saas.

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