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Privacy & Cookies

You may have heard about the new EU ‘cookie law’ or internet privacy legislation. If you are concerned about privacy there is nothing to worry about.

I use a third party analytics service which sets up to 5 cookies.  It does not identify you at all only how you use this website. Details on the cookies they use are here.

This website is built using wordpress which has its own set of cookies none of which have privacy issues. They are mainly to do with my login to the admin areas.

If you really want to remain totally anonymous you can opt out of all cookies using your browser options.

Firefox:  Tools > Options > Privacy

Internet Explorer 8:  Tools > Internet Options > Privacy > Advanced

Internet Explorer 9:  Click on the Tools Icon > Safety

Opera:  Tools > Preferences > Advanced > Cookies

Chrome:  Tools > Settings > Show advanced settings > Privacy > Content settings >Cookies

For other browsers use the provider’s documentation.

If you want more information on the EU privacy directive the documents can be accessed here.

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