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Marketing junk for a new site

icon-128x128I’ve recently set up a new site for a WordPress plugin I’m developing.  This is the site for those who are interested: It’s nothing special, it’s whole purpose is the provide support for the plugin which is hosted by WordPress. All well and good so far.

Within hours of registering the domain and setting up the site I started to get all sorts of junk in my inbox.  Here is a selection:

  1. Dean Sampson at offering to register the domain on various search engines.
  2. Steven Jones at offering to build me a website for $150.
  3. Domain Support at with an anonymous offer to register my domain online.  Not even sure what this means but I wasn’t going to click on the link.
  4. Justin (aka Mark Taylor) at who suggests ‘I hope you have optimized website which converts visitor in potential customer.’ and want’s me connect via skype.
  5. Sarah Jones at who is offering a logo for $29.99
  6. Brian Peterson (Brand Ambassador USA) at who can make me an animated video with a 70% discount for a 300% boost in sales
  7. Shawn Davis at who also want’s to build me a site and create a logo. His email had 11Mb of attachments – which didn’t impress my phone on a 3G network.
  8. Donal Gray  (Brand Ambassador USA) at with a last chance for a cheap logo.

Now I get marketing and I don’t have a particular issue with them trying to drum up business but they were all automated messages. Some managed to add my name but most were poorly written, were not targeted and most used a template with images that my email client rejected. Which meant the message looked like a dogs dinner.

If you want to sell your services, put a bit of effort in. At least find out my name and visit the site you to find out if I even need your services and then tailor the email to suit.

If you have your own website then give me a link so I can see what you are offering. Don’t just put the link in your signature. That’s the lazy way to do things. Integrate the links into the body of the message.

Give me your real name as well. Justin (aka Mark Taylor) lives and works in India. Neither name are from that country. It’s like the emails I get from Michael Jordan offering SEO services.

Even if I needed the services of those who filled my inbox with their messages (about 50 so far) I wouldn’t use them because they are lazy and just used an automated system. If that’s how little effort they are prepared to put in then I don’t want to give them my money.

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