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This is not the form you are looking for.

The callback form is no longer being developed. If you want the all singing all dancing supoer slick and easy to use contact form then you need to go here: http://quick-plugins.com/quick-contact-form/

It has all the features of the callback form and so much more so give it a go.

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  1. Alex said:

    sorry for my english)))
    i want to recived email and icq message when client press “send” button on site/
    in icq message the same text – client name and his phone number.

    Im glad to see the new theme on up post

    • Aerin said:

      Not even sure it’s possible to do this. The plugin uses the php ‘mail’ function to send the email to your email address. icq and skype use a totally different messaging system. I will have a look though.

  2. Alex said:

    can you add the icq or skype warning when callback is active?

  3. Aerin said:

    Try replacing line 159 and 160 with:
    $cbf_name = strip_tags($_REQUEST[‘callbackname’]);
    $cbf_contact = strip_tags($_REQUEST[‘callbackcontact’]);

    I’ve just checked and it works ok for me

  4. Alex said:

    Hi man.
    Im not understand, can i give a russian characters in field “name”

    Im replace 159 string for $cbf_name = preg_replace(“/[^a-zа-яA-ZА-Я0-9@.\+\-_\s]/”, “”, $_REQUEST[‘callbackname’]);

    But now russian charakters looks like “abrakadabra”

    Sorry for my english)

  5. Tony said:


    Thanks for the super simple form. Could you share with me how to center it. I cant write code, but I can sure copy and paste.

    Thanks in advance,
    Tony Wagner

    • Aerin said:


      Go to the plugin editor and select the css file. Add the line ‘text-align: center;’ to the ‘#callback’ style and you should be sorted.


  6. Ben said:

    Lovely plugin: simple’s always the way to go!

    The confirmation message is causing me problems as it’s hovering over my site navigation and its content can’t be read. When I edit the php file I keep breaking the plugin. How can I either shift the confirmation message box down or make it solid (ie not opaque)?

    • Aerin said:

      Hi Ben,

      Busy working on an upgrade with much more usable validation. Should be ready in a day or two. You can see it on my test site: http://testblog.co.uk/?page_id=15. If you want a copy to play with let me know.

      If you want to move the validation/thank you box change the position of the ‘message’ style in the CSS rather than the php.

  7. Nick Vandekar said:

    Trying to install this, and change the settings, it keeps saying I don’t have permission to make changes, do you know what I need to change to get this set up.

    • Aerin said:

      How strange. If the plugin has installed and you can get to the settings page then all should be OK. It uses a built-in wordpress function to save the options to the database so I’m confused as to why you can’t get it to work. Can you send me a link to the page where you have the plugin installed?

  8. Sven said:

    Thanks for your plugin.

    I tried the form on this page (FireFox 10.0.2) and noticed that when I send there is no feedback if ex. a user switches the two fields around (writes email in stead of name, and name in the email field). In the back end you have a validation, so the email will not be sent even if the user get a nice “thank you” notice.

    Is it possible to add some java validation and feedback to the user if errors are made?

    Thanks again for sharing you work.

    • Aerin said:

      Hi Sven,

      The field settings don’t affect where the form is sent. You could have ‘favourite cake’ and ‘brother’s name’ if you wanted.

      You need to make sure you add YOUR email address on the settings page so that the plugin knows where to sent the form.

      However, I’ll have a bit of a play with the validation to make things clearer. In particular I see if I can include a check on settings page to make sure there is an email address.


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