SEO Spam

We all get junk from Asia offering all sorts of collaborations. This is some of the SPAM I’ve had recently:


Rita Patel @ WebCodeGenie here, I would like to share something with you.

A tie-up to save operational cost, a tie-up increase sales, a tie-up to manage everything online

We can give this tie-up


Getty fined over copyright violation

For many years Getty has pursued website owners for copyright violation. And I don’t have a problem with this, image owners have a right to payment for their work. What has upset so many people is the amount Getty has been claiming in compensation, often thousands of dollars for an small image on a website


WordPress Shortcodes in Widgets

I like shortcodes. And I like Widgets. Getting them to work together however can be a right pain in the bum.

But there is a simple solution. Fire up your dashboard and got to:  Appearance > Editor. In the file list on the right select functions.php.

Scroll down to the bottom and add:

// Enable

The Tech Support Scam

I had a phone call the other day from the ‘Online Windows Technical Support’.There was the normal slight delay as the auto-dialer connected me to ‘Veronica Parks’ in some call centre in Asia so I was already suspicious.

Anyway, back to the story.

Apparently they had received a report of errors on my computer that


Choosing the right domain name

nameIf your name is Darth Vader then buying the domain name is probably a good move. Buying isn’t so clever. It’s not because it’s a bad domain name, it’s because you are stuck with a domain name


Why a mobile website is not good for business

It seems that every time I visit a website these days using a smartphone I get asked to download their app. Why do they do this? I’m perfectly capable of using a website, I don’t need the cutdown and ‘optimised for mobile’ versions.

This article is posted on a WordPress site and the theme is


Optimising a WordPress Installation

A fresh and clean WordPress install does work straight out of the box but it isn’t particularly efficient.  To get it working effectively you need to do a few tweaks before you start posting.  Here are a few simple optimisatons to get you started.


How to stop the wp_editor from removing styles and formatting

The wp-editor is very easy to include in plugins and themes but it keeps stripping out your formatting and just doesn’t like links and media. It can however be tamed with a few simple tweaks.

Note: this isn’t a tutorial on how to use the wp-editor. The codex has all the information you


The hopeless website

In October 2012 the UK government quietly launched to take over from and and apparently other departmental websites.

It cost 18.5 million (in order to save money) and is riddled with errors, omissions, bad grammar, a hopeless search facility and most of the content seems to be written by the office junior


Why email signatures are pointless

The reason is simple: nobody reads them and they just clog up the internet (and my inbox) . If you want to impress me then put the necessary information in your email not down the bottom where I can’t see it.

Most of the junk you


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