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As you embark on the long and often frustrating journey into the world of webdesign you will often come to a stumbling halt as when a carefully planned design collapses in front of your very eyes.

You could of course contact me for help but should you wish to try and fix it yourself, here are some resources that might help.

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Usability and Accessibility

Jacob Nielson’s usability guides:

US Usability website:

Accessibility advice from the WWW consortium:

UK accessibility guidelines:

Themeing through Siloing:

Design Advice

The only design forum you’ll ever need:

Comprehensive design guidance:

Making your Links Work:

Writing Content for the Web:

How to use Metatags:

Positioning Primary Navigation topic at

Make your own Favicon:


A range of easy to use tutorials from

Using lists and floats:

Get to grips with the tags and atributes:

Website Builder Heaven – A Guide to HTML: (thanks to Samantha and the rest of the sudents at Colorado Tutors for this link idea).

HTML for beginners – a great starter from whoishostingthis (Thanks to the Children of the Seattle Computer Club for the suggestion).

Cascading Style Sheets

CSS Tutorials: | |

CSS Experiments:

Expert CSS help:

Cutting edge CSS design:

CSS Creator Forum:

CSS guidance:

Styling for Print:

Website Navigation

A Study of Website Navigation Methods:

Positioning Primary Navigation topic at


Websafe Colours: and

Color Names:

Colour Theory:, and color-wheel-relationships (thanks to the Daly City outreach group for this suggestion)

Link Colours:

Webpage filter for colourblindness:

Color deficient vision resources:

Colour palettes: and

Fonts and Typography

Typography tutorial:

Text sizing:

Free fonts:

Browser Issues

Browser bugs:

Browser compatibility: or

Website Speed Test:


W3C online tutorials:

Search Engine Optimization Guides

Webmaster guidance: Yahoo Guidelines | Google Guidelines | Bing Guidelines | Ask Webmaster Information

SEO Quick Start Guide:

101 SEO Tips for 2006:

Beginner’s Guide to SEO:

The famous SEO glossary:

SEO experts recommendations:

Anatomy of a Perfectly Optimized Page :

Search Engine Information

Industry monitors: SearchEngineWatch | Pandia | SearchEngineGuide

Page rank explained:

Search Engine Spider simulator:

The google cheat sheets: and

Page speed checker:,,


Image compressor:

Testing download speeds:

Page Validator:

Google site map builder:

User testing:

General Articles

What We Saw Through Their Eyes:

How to get it wrong:

Corporate stupidity here:

Interviewing Web Developers:

Payment Portals:

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    Thank you for the list of useful tools

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    Thank you for the useful tools and links

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  3. Emarketers on 11 Sep 2013:

    Great design resources with clear headings, thanks for sharing it. We will be using most of the resources you mentioned.

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