WordPress Shortcodes in Widgets

I like shortcodes. And I like Widgets. Getting them to work together however can be a right pain in the bum.

But there is a simple solution. Fire up your dashboard and got to:  Appearance > Editor. In the file list on the right select functions.php.

Scroll down to the bottom and add:

// Enable

Optimising a WordPress Installation

A fresh and clean WordPress install does work straight out of the box but it isn’t particularly efficient.  To get it working effectively you need to do a few tweaks before you start posting.  Here are a few simple optimisatons to get you started.


How to stop the wp_editor from removing styles and formatting

The wp-editor is very easy to include in plugins and themes but it keeps stripping out your formatting and just doesn’t like links and media. It can however be tamed with a few simple tweaks.

Note: this isn’t a tutorial on how to use the wp-editor. The codex has all the information you

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