Getty fined over copyright violation

For many years Getty has pursued website owners for copyright violation. And I don’t have a problem with this, image owners have a right to payment for their work. What has upset so many people is the amount Getty has been claiming in compensation, often thousands of dollars for an small image on a website


The hopeless website

In October 2012 the UK government quietly launched to take over from and and apparently other departmental websites.

It cost 18.5 million (in order to save money) and is riddled with errors, omissions, bad grammar, a hopeless search facility and most of the content seems to be written by the office junior


Why email signatures are pointless

The reason is simple: nobody reads them and they just clog up the internet (and my inbox) . If you want to impress me then put the necessary information in your email not down the bottom where I can’t see it.

Most of the junk you


WordPress Contact Form Plugin

This is not the form you are looking for.

The callback form is no longer being developed. If you want the all singing all dancing supoer slick and easy to use contact form then you need to go here:

It has all the features of the callback form and so much more so


Ways to ignore the EU cookie directive

The EU cookie directiveMany regulations appear from the Europe without a murmur of discontent but one that has caused all sorts of consternation is 2009/136/EC.

For no logical reason, the directive requires you ask every single visitor to your website if you can collect, store and


Website Assessments

Do you worry if your site is performing as well as is could? Do you know how well it converts, why visitors leave or which pages just don’t work?

All too often you can’t see the problems because you know your site too well.


Entice me to click, don’t leave it to chance

When you visit a website there’s really only two things you can do: absorb the content or click on links. If you own you own website you really want your visitors to do both. Getting then to absorb your content just needs some good copywriting but


Integrating a payment portal onto any website

I’ve sort of shyed away from ecommerce, mainly because I haven’t yet found a application I really like and because I’m completely pants at programming.

But a solution has risen like a phoenix from the ashes and I am saved (hallelujah). Secure online payments integrated into any website for the measly sum of £30.00 per


Page titles should be long enough but not too long

There has been some debate over the length of page titles. The predominant search engine, Google, displays 60 characters but what happens if you go over the limit?

To test the theory I added some made up words to my contact page: The words are: skriqgy, korziklr and qasdcvgyuh. Google has indexed the


How to save your site from the death of the directory

For ages and ages google advised that you should submit your site to DMOZ, yahoo and industry related directories. This guidance has gone from the google webmaster pages. So all of you that spent hours and hours seeking out directories as part of your link building strategy were wasting your time.

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