A Stunning OnePage Theme

screenshot2I had a job to build a site for a removals company. They wanted something different so I put together a one page site. I was so chuffed with the result I decided


Website Navigation on a Small Screen

umbrellaI’ve got a Mini which I enjoy driving. But the little icons on the controls still confuse me. I can never remember which to press for the heated screen or demisting or whatever. It would be so much easier if they had a little label I could


Stop Using Galleries

thumbThere are gazillions of ways to add a gallery to a website: plugins, extensions, themes or even hard coding. Every one of them is fundamentally flawed in that it requires the visitor to do something to see


Why a mobile website is not good for business

It seems that every time I visit a website these days using a smartphone I get asked to download their app. Why do they do this? I’m perfectly capable of using a website, I don’t need the cutdown and ‘optimised for mobile’ versions.

This article is posted on a WordPress site and the theme is


The hopeless gov.uk website

In October 2012 the UK government quietly launched gov.uk to take over from direct.gov.uk and businesslink.gov.uk and apparently other departmental websites.

It cost 18.5 million (in order to save money) and is riddled with errors, omissions, bad grammar, a hopeless search facility and most of the content seems to be written by the office junior


Why email signatures are pointless

The reason is simple: nobody reads them and they just clog up the internet (and my inbox) . If you want to impress me then put the necessary information in your email not down the bottom where I can’t see it.

Most of the junk you


European Dates and Strtotime

There is this magic PHP function called strtotime which converts your date to a timestamp measured from 1 Jan 1970.  This makes sorting and manipulating arrays with dates a doddle. But only if you are in America, it’s a pain in the bum for the rest of the world.

And I’ll tell you


The WordPress Quick Contact Form

I’ve moved!

It was getting all a bit complicated mixing plugins with my normal stuff so I’ve set up a new website just for the plugins.



WordPress Contact Form Plugin

This is not the form you are looking for.

The callback form is no longer being developed. If you want the all singing all dancing supoer slick and easy to use contact form then you need to go here: http://quick-plugins.com/quick-contact-form/

It has all the features of the callback form and so much more so


Website testing

There are all sorts of website that will run SEO, accessibility and other tests on your website. But none of them actual report back what people really think about your site.

One service I’ve been using for a while is the fivescondtest from usabilityhub.

There are two ways to get

Web Statistics