Logo Manager

One of the annoying things about wordpress is the inability to change the logo on many themes without using FTP or messing about with the media-library. This simple plugin allows you to upload a logo from your computer into your theme image folder. And unlike most of the themes with logo options, with this plugin


Posted in April 2012

How a white background can improve conversions

For years people have used all sorts of backgrounds on their website. Different colours, images, patterns and or combinations of all three. The problems with backgrounds is that they just don’t work. They are based on the personal preferences of the website owner and often unsuitable, act as distractions or even slow down the load


Posted in January 2012

WordPress Installations

After much cogitating I’ve decided that it’s far easier to use a well supported CMS that try and do it yourself. So I’ve launched a new service: wordpress installations for £120. Nothing complicated, just a simple offer to install, setup and configure wordpress with your theme and all associated plugins and widgets.


Posted in December 2011

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