Teach yourself SEO

Use a search engine to get SEO help and you will be assaulted with more bad advice and dodgy methods than a sack full of spam emails. There is some really good advice out there but it’s hard to find unless you know what you are looking for. But if you knew what you were


Posted in October 2014

SEO Spam

We all get junk from Asia offering all sorts of collaborations. This is some of the SPAM I’ve had recently: Hello, Rita Patel @ WebCodeGenie here, I would like to share something with you. A tie-up to save operational cost, a tie-up increase sales, a tie-up to manage everything online We can give this tie-up


Posted in March 2014

Shady linkbuilding scams, cautions and warnings

Linkbuilding is one of those topics that everyone knows is a bit dodgy but still does it because in many cases it’s the only way to get decent ranking. This isn’t an article on how to do linkbulding or on how select a company to do it for you. It is just an article on


Posted in October 2012

Quit whining about Google’s updates

Google has changed it’s own rules and lots of people are complaining that they have lost traffic and revenue. Tough. Google doesn’t charge to list your site and if you read their documentation they make no promises to even add your site to the index. So a bit of realism needs to entered into the


Posted in March 2011

What’s wrong with Google

When the internet was young and innocent, finding things was difficult until advent of the search engine. There were many early models, alta vista, yahoo, lycos and others but Google set the benchmark back in 1998. From the beginning Google was all about providing the best results for each search. The mantra ‘do no evil’


Posted in January 2010

Tell us where you are if you want to be found

There’s this amazing new restaurant, it’s  local, has  good prices, atmosphere and excellent food. The only problem is the marketing. They advertise in Australia when the business is in England. And the cook lives in Peru . You may snort with derision and say that nobody is that stupid but this is exactly what people


Posted in August 2009

Page titles should be long enough but not too long

There has been some debate over the length of page titles. The predominant search engine, Google, displays 60 characters but what happens if you go over the limit? To test the theory I added some made up words to my contact page: www.aerin.co.uk/contact.htm. The words are: skriqgy, korziklr and qasdcvgyuh. Google has indexed the page


Posted in January 2009

How to save your site from the death of the directory

For ages and ages google advised that you should submit your site to DMOZ, yahoo and industry related directories. This guidance has gone from the google webmaster pages. So all of you that spent hours and hours seeking out directories as part of your link building strategy were wasting your time.


Posted in October 2008

Get mobile before someone steals your niche

I like being outside in the fresh air. In fact most of my holidays are spend wandering various countries around the world. But there are occasions when I need to communicate with the rest of the world. And a mobile phone or a PDA helps. The problem is, many websites don’t work too well on


Posted in June 2008

Why don’t people click on your links?

There are certain topics and concepts that keep cropping up during discussions about search engine optimisation (SEO). One of these is the use of metatags. Let’s get one thing clear, there is no SEO advantage in the use of metatags – the search engines may index their contents but they won’t help to improve your


Posted in May 2008

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