Nobody Cares About You

I visited a site the other day and their homepage was all excited and gushing about their business. They had lots of words about their office, the people, their ethos, methodology and vision. And guess what, nobody cares.

When I visit a website it’s to get information, a service, product or be entertained. If you


Marketing junk for a new site

icon-128x128I’ve recently set up a new site for a WordPress plugin I’m developing.  This is the site for those who are interested: It’s nothing special, it’s whole purpose is the provide support for the plugin which is hosted by WordPress. All


You can’t all be winners

winnersdemotivatorA while back there was this rage for motivational posters that were supposed to push us all to be the best. To be winners and achievers. It was all a lie. There can only be one winner at anything.


Why Social Media is bad for Business

stuffThe clue is in the name: social media. It’s not ‘I’m looking for something to buy’ media. If people want to buy stuff they go to a shopping channel or Google it or ask their friends for advice.



Delete your Logos, slider and social media links for a better user experience

distractionEvery page on your site needs a reason to exist. Usually to inform, entertain or market a product or service. Anyone landing on that page needs to know who you are, what is on offer and how to get it. Anything else on the page is a distraction.


The Tech Support Scam

I had a phone call the other day from the ‘Online Windows Technical Support’.There was the normal slight delay as the auto-dialer connected me to ‘Veronica Parks’ in some call centre in Asia so I was already suspicious.

Anyway, back to the story.

Apparently they had received a report of errors on my computer that


Choosing the right domain name

nameIf your name is Darth Vader then buying the domain name is probably a good move. Buying isn’t so clever. It’s not because it’s a bad domain name, it’s because you are stuck with a domain name


How to fail at selling things

My laptop is getting a bit ancient but still works so I’m loath to replace it. But the battery is knackered so I decided last week to search for a new one.  It appears that almost nobody really wants to sell me one.


Make my day and call me

The telephone is still a very effective form of communication. There is an awful lot you can do online but if you have question a then a quick call can be far more effective.

So just suppose you have a potential customer what is almost ready


Website testing

There are all sorts of website that will run SEO, accessibility and other tests on your website. But none of them actual report back what people really think about your site.

One service I’ve been using for a while is the fivescondtest from usabilityhub.

There are two ways to get

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