Website Navigation on a Small Screen

I’ve got a Mini which I enjoy driving. But the little icons on the controls still confuse me. I can never remember which to press for the heated screen or demisting or whatever. It would be so much easier if they had a little label I could read. And if that’s not possible, it would


Posted in October 2015

Stop Using Galleries

There are gazillions of ways to add a gallery to a website: plugins, extensions, themes or even hard coding. Every one of them is fundamentally flawed in that it requires the visitor to do something to see the images in all their hi-def glory. And if you have a mobe the whole user experience nose


Posted in June 2015

You can’t all be winners

A while back there was this rage for motivational posters that were supposed to push us all to be the best. To be winners and achievers. It was all a lie. There can only be one winner at anything. That’s the whole point of winning: to come first. Most of your dreams and aspirations will


Posted in December 2014

Delete your Logos, slider and social media links for a better user experience

Every page on your site needs a reason to exist. Usually to inform, entertain or market a product or service. Anyone landing on that page needs to know who you are, what is on offer and how to get it. Anything else on the page is a distraction. Your logo is unimportant, slider images just get


Posted in April 2014

Why a mobile website is not good for business

It seems that every time I visit a website these days using a smartphone I get asked to download their app. Why do they do this? I’m perfectly capable of using a website, I don’t need the cutdown and ‘optimised for mobile’ versions. This article is posted on a WordPress site and the theme is


Posted in April 2013

Make my day and call me

The telephone is still a very effective form of communication. There is an awful lot you can do online but if you have question a then a quick call can be far more effective. So just suppose you have a potential customer what is almost ready to buy but just wants to check delivery or


Posted in October 2011

Xerox Real Business – a website that truly sucks

A short post this one because all that needs to be said is embraced by a truly awful website. One would have hoped that a large multinational company would know better. But they don’t. So three cheers for the xerox real business website (if you can be bother for the thing to load). If you


Posted in July 2011

Website Assessments

Do you worry if your site is performing as well as is could? Do you know how well it converts, why visitors leave or which pages just don’t work? All too often you can’t see the problems because you know your site too well. You miss the obvious mistakes and just can’t understand why people


Posted in May 2010

Tell us where you are if you want to be found

There’s this amazing new restaurant, it’s  local, has  good prices, atmosphere and excellent food. The only problem is the marketing. They advertise in Australia when the business is in England. And the cook lives in Peru . You may snort with derision and say that nobody is that stupid but this is exactly what people


Posted in August 2009

Entice me to click, don’t leave it to chance

When you visit a website there’s really only two things you can do: absorb the content or click on links. If you own you own website you really want your visitors to do both. Getting then to absorb your content just needs some good copywriting but getting them to click on your links is another


Posted in May 2009

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