Logo Manager

One of the annoying things about wordpress is the inability to change the logo on many themes without using FTP or messing about with the media-library.

This simple plugin allows you to upload a logo from your computer into your theme image folder.

And unlike most of the themes with logo options, with this plugin you can change the alt text and title and decide if you want the logo to link to your homepage.

There are plans afoot to let you upload and select a range of logos but lets see how this goes for now.

If you want the plugin it’s here: wordpress.org/extend/plugins/logo-manager

To change your logo use the link on the dashboard ‘appearance’ page.

The plugin isn’t idiot proof. It’s quite possible to really mess things up but if you are sensible then you shouldn’t have any problems.

Warning: If you are using the twentyeleven theme or any other theme which has a logo upload feature, don’t use this plugin. It either won’t work or it will mess up your layout

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