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One of the annoying things about wordpress is the inability to change the logo on many themes without using FTP or messing about with the media-library.

This simple plugin allows you to upload a logo from your computer into your theme image folder.

And unlike most of the themes with logo options, with this plugin you can change the alt text and title and decide if you want the logo to link to your homepage.

There are plans afoot to let you upload and select a range of logos but lets see how this goes for now.

If you want the plugin it’s here: wordpress.org/extend/plugins/logo-manager

To change your logo use the link on the dashboard ‘appearance’ page.

The plugin isn’t idiot proof. It’s quite possible to really mess things up but if you are sensible then you shouldn’t have any problems.

Warning: If you are using the twentyeleven theme or any other theme which has a logo upload feature, don’t use this plugin. It either won’t work or it will mess up your layout

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  1. yonghui said:

    i just want to say thank you, for creating this wonderful plugin. it’s a blessing for coding idiots like me. it’s working beautifully now on my site.

    • Aerin said:

      Thank you for your comments Yonghui. It has always been one of the most annoying features of wordpress that you couldn’t just upload a now logo.

  2. allan said:

    hi I used the logo manager plugin on my website and if i deactivate it, it ruins the site, i’m assuming this is due to the header file that was edited? Also, there seems to be some affected plugins like the cartpress. anyways i like using the plugin but is there a way that the plugin can be deactivated and reactivated with the previous setting?

    • Aerin said:


      Which bit was ruined? If you are using the twentyeleven theme then you don’t need my plugin. There is a built in logo editor in the theme settings page.

  3. dan walsh said:

    Hi I just installed the logo manager for my wordpress blog. I uploaded a png file for the images (see the lacrossepinnies.com image) but it seems to stretch out once installed. is there a way to adjust the sizing on this so it is not stretched out. Thanks again for the great plugin. DW

    • Aerin said:


      The plugin wasn’t really intended for use on themes which already have a logo uploaded thing. If it’s the lacrosspinnies site then you would be better off using the built in twentyeleven editor. If it’s a different site tell me which theme you are using and I’ll investigate.

    • speedyp said:

      Hi there – just trying out this plugin and it looks exactly what I’m looking for.

      Couple of questions:
      If I add the suggested line of code to my header.php then it just throws an error?

      I can’t see any config options in appearance so I’m using as a widget.

      What does the “use as a plugin” option mean??


      • Aerin said:

        Hi Speedy,

        What theme are you using? Where exactly did you add the code? You need to replace the current ‘logo’ code with the plugin code. If you put it anywhere else it may well fail.


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